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Universal API Client

Call any API in 2 minutes with out-of-the-box managed authentication and log monitoring.

Turbocharge your API integrations

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// npm install @bearer/node
.auth('AUTH_ID') // OAuth user identity
.get('/orgs/bearer/repos', { query: { type: "public"}})
.then(({ data }) => console.log(data))
.catch(e => console.log(e))

Call any API in minutes

Use our universal open source API client to call any API in 2 minutes. Supporting Node, Ruby & Python, more to come.

Discover the API Hub

Access over 80 professional APIs with zero-config time, from Github to Salesforce! Not in the list? Add your own in 5 clicks.

Managed authentication

Bearer's API client automatically handles authentication, from API Key to OAuth1 and OAuth2 and refresh tokens. In addition, manage and rotate credentials in one click.

Transform & extend APIs

Create functions to transform and re-expose APIs according to your app model. Easily move glue logic out of your application for better maintainability.

Get detailed logs

Automatically log every API call, find errors and debug your integration in a snap with end-to-end trace.

Monitor API usage

Get a complete overview of your API usage on Bearer's Dashboard, from metrics to credentials, logs, webhooks, etc.

Featured APIs

Why use Bearer?

Don’t waste your engineering resources

Building and maintaining API integrations is tedious, and often wastes precious engineering resources on low-value-added tasks.

With Bearer, your engineers can focus on your integration business logic.

Say goodbye to integration’s technical debt

Bearer enforces industry best practices by design.

It shields your application and business logic from the integration glue code, helping you keep your code base neat and tidy.

Scale your integration roadmap

Bearer makes it possible to build more integrations by reducing the time, money and expertise you need to spend.

Not only that, you can also easily externalize some integrations without compromising on quality and security!

Bearer - Universal API Client


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