Observe, control and receive alerts on your third-party APIs

Bearer aggregates and analyzes the APIs you use directly from your app without redirecting or proxying your traffic.

Available today for Node.js, Ruby & Python, no code changes required.

2 minute install. No credit card needed.
Install with 1 Line of Code
Install as an app dependency without infrastructure or code changes. Currently supporting Node.js, Ruby and Python, with more to come.
Comprehensive Metrics
Discover all the APIs you’re using. Understand how the APIs you rely on behave, view their usage volume, error rate, latency, and throughput.
Logging & Error Tracking
Get logging for every API request featuring query and response params, headers, and payload. Quickly discover issues using status codes. Share log entries in 1-click.
Alerting on every API issue
Receive alerts on API issues. Choose from triggers such as latency deviations, error spikes, or custom error codes. Receive notification via email, Slack, or webhook.
Feature Flipping on API Issues
Automatically disable features in your app when an API is failing using webhook alerts. Your users and support team will thank you!
Reliable & Secure
The Bearer Agent is non-blocking with sub-millisecond impact. We never redirect your traffic and you can configure APIs to be excluded as well as data to be scrubbed.

Seamlessly install into your stack in 2 minutes

Install the Bearer Agent using npm or Yarn:
npm install --save @bearer/node-agent
Require the Bearer Agent and initialize it with your Secret Key:
const Bearer = require('@bearer/node-agent')
Bearer.init({ secretKey: 'YOUR_BEARER_SECRET_KEY'})
Add the Bearer Agent to your gem file
gem 'bearer-agent'
Initialize the Bearer Agent with your Secret Key
Bearer.init_config do |config|
config.secret_key = "YOUR_BEARER_SECRET_KEY" end
Add the Bearer Agent to your gem file
pip install bearer-agent
Initialize the Bearer Agent with your Secret Key
import bearer_agent

That’s it. Clean and simple. Check out the docs for more information.
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