Automate GDPR compliance

Implement Privacy by Design into your product development processes.
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How Bearer works

Monitor and document GDPR compliance at scale.

1. Discover which engineering resources are processing data.

2. Collect information from engineering & security teams.

3. Review data processing activities.

4. Monitor your compliance status with privacy KPIs.

5. Generate your Record of Processing Activities in 1 click.

Privacy Engineering made easy

Comply with GDPR by integrating Privacy by Design processes in your developers' workflows.


Automate privacy reviews

  • Save hours of manual work by automatically detecting when engineering resources are processing data.
  • Effectively collect the information needed for risk assessment from your engineering and security teams.
  • Stop chasing info and focus on what matters: assessing risks and advising.  

Manage risks effectively

  • Make better decisions with privacy metrics. Understand your organization's compliance status and risk exposure to prioritize your efforts. 
  • Demonstrate Privacy by Design to auditors when a control happens.

Automate compliance reporting

  • Generate your Record of Processing Activities in one click.
  • Ensure compliance reports (ROPA, DPIA, DPA) are always accurate, up-to-date and available for sharing with auditors and your Board of Directors.
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of consumers have stopped buying from a company over privacy concerns. (Tableau)


of organizations see privacy certifications as a motivation for purchasing (Cisco)


return on investment for every dollar spent on Privacy (Cisco)

Privacy is a competitive advantage

Top companies leverage data privacy to drive their business. 

Bart Willemsen, VP Analyst at Gartner

Bart Willemsen

Vice President Analyst, Gartner

Privacy is becoming a reason for consumers to purchase a product.

“To increase customer trust, executive leaders need to build a holistic and adaptive privacy program across the organization, and be proactive instead of responding to each jurisdictional challenge.”

Source: Gartner

Heidi Shey, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Heidi Shey

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Data security and privacy is a source of growth and differentiation.

“Firms must give customers an additional reason to do business with them. It’s why giants like Apple have been willing to fight very public and contentious legal battles to protect customers’ privacy.".

Source: Forrester

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Privacy by Design

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