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Connect to APIs in minutes,
Monitor usage in real-time.

Universal API client to call any API in 2 minutes,
Monitoring platform to manage all your integrations.

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Use any API in minutes

Use our universal open source API client to call any API in 2 minutes. Supporting Node, Ruby, Python & PHP, more to come.

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Zero-config APIs

Access to over 100+ APIs with zero-config time, from Github to Salesforce! Missing an API? No problem, add any in two clicks from your account!

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Managed authentication

Bearer out-of-the-box handles API authentication, including OAuth dance, token and refresh token! Securely store your API credentials and rotate them in one click.

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Monitor API usage

Get a complete overview of your API usage on Bearer's Dashboard. Display most used APIs, average latency, error rate etc. Compare data over time and instantly discover potential issues.

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Get detailed logs

Automatically get log on every API call, find errors and debug your integration in a snap with full trace, from request headers to payload and status code.

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Incident management & alerts

Setup custom incident rules and receive alerts in real-time by email or on Slack! For example trigger incidents on 50x errors, latency deviation, refresh token failure etc.

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Why use Bearer?

Focus on your business logic

Bearer’s universal API client makes it easy to start working on new APIs. It reduces your learning curve and removes the need to understand and manage credentials or authentication.

With bearer, you can spend more time focusing on your business logic.

Reduce technical debt & security issues

Bearer enforces industry best practices by design.

Stop updating and patching dozens of dedicated API clients, securely store your credentials out of your codebase, and rotate them easily!

Always know what’s happening

With Bearer, you can deeply understand how your integrations and the underlying APIs behave.

Not only you can debug much faster, but you can also learn about issues before your users start calling you!

Bearer - Integrations built in minutes, Monitored in real-time


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