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Integrating APIs doesn't have to make your app unreliable.

Monitor API usage in real-time. Protect your App against API limits and failures. Integrate APIs faster.

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Monitor every API call

Install the Bearer Agent in a single line of code and automatically monitor every API used in your codebase, from public to private APIs. Currently supporting Node & Ruby.

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Application-Wide API Usage Overview

Get a global overview of your API usage on Bearer's Dashboard. Display most used APIs, average latency, error rate, etc.

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Get detailed logs

Get detailed logs of every API call. Find errors and debug API problems in a snap. Instantly view request headers, response, payload, and status code.

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Be Notified of API incidents

Set up custom incident rules and receive alerts in real-time by email or on Slack! For example trigger incidents on 50x errors, latency deviation, refresh token failure, etc.

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Integrate new APIs in minutes

Use our universal open-source API client to call any API in 2 minutes. Don't worry about OAuth, Token, or Credential management anymore!

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Secure & Reliable

Filter APIs to report and scrub sensitive data before it hits Bearer's infrastructure. The Bearer Agent works asynchronously to never block your requests.

Discover the product

Why use Bearer?

Always know what’s happening

With Bearer, you can easily understand how your integrations and their underlying APIs behave.

Not only can you debug much faster, but you can also learn about issues before your users start calling you!

Protect your app against API issues

With Bearer, by keeping a real-time inventory of all the APIs used across your codebases you can receive alerts when errors happen, latency increases, or failures occur.

Not only you know what's happening, but now you can also build countermeasures, for example automatically disabling a feature.

Integrate new APIs faster

Bearer’s universal API client makes it easy to start working with new APIs. It reduces your learning curve and removes the need to understand and manage credentials or authentication.

With Bearer, you can spend more time focusing on your business logic.

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Bearer - Integrations built in minutes, Monitored in real-time



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