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We are building the future of API integration

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Bearer are here to help developers build quicker and better API Integration.

The problem with APIs is that as APIs become more universal, integrating them doesn’t get any easier.

As developers, we know it is critical to keep control over both the APIs we consume, and our own business logic. However, it is a constant challenge to do both while also keeping our codebase clean and maintainable.

We believe in the right tools for the jobs. Since we haven’t found them yet, we’ve decided to build them.

Welcome to Bearer.

Our values


We have a mission to accomplish, and nothing will distract us from that goal.


We trust each other the same way we hope you will trust us: through honesty and transparency.


We give our team freedom so that they can give you their best.


With great freedom comes great responsibility, to each other and to you!

Guillaume Montard

Co-Founder, CEO

Cédric Fabianski

Co-Founder, CTO

Antoine Tanguy

Software Engineer

Radek Molenda

Software Engineer

Tarik Ihadjadene

Dev Ops

Arthur Carayon

UI/UX Designer

Phil Hayton

Software Engineer

Elizabeth Braae

Software Engineer

Corentin Brossault

Software Engineer

David Roe

Software Engineer



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Senior JavaScript Engineer

You are not afraid to deep dive into the source code of any JS library like ReactJS? TypeScript is your best friend and you can't imagine the world without it? If you feel like making developers' lives easier is where you best express yourself, this position is for you!


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