Control third-party APIs. Meet business needs.

Govern the external API consumption of your team, reduce the cost of API downtime, and increase the productivity of your team.
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Simplify governance

Mitigate risks with a complete view of your API dependencies.

Improve reliability

Identify and fix API issues before they hurt your business.

Increase productivity

Increase the efficiency and satisfaction of your teams when using APIs.

Govern your API dependencies

Get the complete picture of the third-party APIs used in your organization. Be alerted whenever a new API is used by one of your teams.

Mitigate security and compliance risks

Ensure your API vendors are compliant.  Detect security incidents and prevent data loss.

Control your API budget

Reveal hidden API costs. Forecast and optimize your spendings to stay within budget.

Simplifiy governance

Avoid shadow APIs that can lead to data leaks, violation of compliance and waste of ressources.

Improve reliability

Monitor your API vendors in real-time and reduce the cost of downtime.

Detect reliability issues

Identify unreliable API providers, recurrent errors and performance bottlenecks.

> Learn about the metrics Bearer tracks for you

Fix incidents before they impact your business

Your developer and operations teams are immediately alerted whenever an issue happens. They have access to all the API information they need to fix it fast. 

> Learn about Bearer anomaly detection rules

Monitor the SLAs of your API vendors

Track API vendor performance and compare it against established SLAs.

Optimize the efficiency of your teams

Help your team monitor third-party APIs and troubleshoot issues faster with an out-of-the-box solution.

Shorten developement cycle

Accelerate the delivery of new IT projects relying on third-party APIs without compromising on security and compliance. 

Improve collaboration between business & IT

Make your teams more efficient when communicating. Informations can easily be shared among Developers, Operations, Support, Product and Business teams. 

Increase productivity

Help your software teams monitor, debug and deliver faster, while making them happier.

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