Control shadow APIs.
Stay safe

Control third-party API usage, mitigate security risks, and empower your organization.
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Take control

Manage API dependencies and control usage. 

Mitigate security risks

Find and fix compliance and security issues faster.

Empower your organization

Contribute to secure the API-Fication journey.

Reveal shadow APIs in your organization

Get the complete picture of the third-party APIs used in your organization. Be alerted whenever a new API is used.

Approve third-party API usage

Create approval workflows to ensure newly used APIs meet your compliance and security requirements.

Automate API vendor audit

Continuously collect up-to-date compliance certifications and security standards from API vendors.

Take control

Govern third-party API usage to avoid violation of compliance and security standards.

Mitigate security risks

Identify and fix compliance and security anomalies faster.

Respect data privacy regulations

Be compliant with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and any privacy laws. Gain end-to-end visibility into your data flows, and ensure you don’t send sensitive data to the wrong API providers.

Data Loss Prevention

Monitor your outbound API traffic in real-time and identify anomalies: unknown API usage, unexpected PII flows, abnormal consumption patterns, non-compliant geographic destinations, and so on.

Detect data breaches at your providers

Be alerted whenever one of your third-party APIs suffer a data leak. No API provider, whatever its size, is immune to data breaches.

Empower your organization

Help your team deliver faster, without compromising on security.

Secure the API-Fication journey

Third-party APIs benefit your organization as they allow your team to develop new business capabilities. Streamline security and compliance processes to help them go faster without risking your organization.

Improve collaboration across the organization

Break down silos between security, developer, operation, product and business teams. Empower them to easily integrate compliance and security reviews into their workflows.

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