Third-party APIs,
without worries.

Manage and monitor API usage across your applications. Troubleshoot issues faster.
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Take control

Automatically control you third-party API dependencies.

Reduce downtime

Remediate issues coming from APIs before they affect users.

Increase productivity

Increase the productivity and satisfaction of your teams when debugging APIs.

Discover your API dependencies

Get the complete picture of the third-party APIs used in your organization.

Control your API usage

Be alerted whenever a new API is used by one of your developers. Create workflows to make sure newly used APIs don't put your business at risk.

Mitigate security and compliance risks

Ensure your API vendors are compliant.  Detect security incidents and prevent data loss.

Take control

Gain end-to-end visibility and control over your API dependencies.

Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime by monitoring your API providers in real-time.

Detect reliability issues

Identify unreliable API providers, recurrent errors and performance bottlenecks.

> Learn about the metrics Bearer tracks for you

Fix incidents before they impact users

Instantly alert your teams of developers and DevOps whenever an issue happens. They have access to all the API information they need to fix it fast. 

> Learn about Bearer anomaly detection rules

Monitor the SLAs of your API vendors

Track API vendor performance and compare it against established SLAs.

Optimize the efficiency of your team

Use Bearer in development to deliver better API integrations faster. Then in production for efficient and sustainable debugging.

Make your developers happier

They hate digging into logs for hours and would rather spend time building great features. Help them do it.

> Learn how Log Collections help your teams

Improve the collaboration of your teams

Make your teams more efficient when communicating. Logs can easily be shared among Developers, DevOps, Support and Business teams. 

Increase productivity

Help your software teams deliver & debug faster, and make them happier.

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Idris Mokhtarzada
CTO at Truebill

"With Bearer, we've been able to quickly understand third-party API issues and efficiently communicate them to our API providers. Debugging has never been easier!"

Sina Khelil
CTO at Onepark

"Monitoring and troubleshooting API partners is nearly a full-time job and requires a well-implemented solution. Which is why we selected Bearer: they are the best for monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting. Best choice we made last year, and it keeps getting better!"

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