Spend less time fixing API integrations

Monitor your API integrations and troubleshoot issues faster.
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Monitor APIs in real-time

Diagnose your API integrations and detect issues before they impact users.

Debug issues faster

Enhance your troubleshooting process with detailed and shareable logs.

Simplify OAuth integration

Build API integrations faster using Pizzly, the open source OAuth integration proxy.

X-ray your API integrations

Monitor the APIs you rely on based on your actual consumption. Replace inaccurate API provider’s status pages with an out-of-the-box dashboard.

> Learn about the metrics Bearer tracks for you

Never miss an incident again

Proactively detect errors, performance issues and consumption spikes. Benefit from a library of anomaly use cases built with top engineering teams.

> Learn about Bearer anomaly detection rules

Get alerted in real-time

Tired of finding out about errors too late? Get notified of any anomaly in real-time through email, Slack, or webhook.

Monitor APIs in real-time

Monitor your API integrations in real-time and optimize your application’s reliability.

Debug issues faster

Solve API issues before your users notice and get back to building great features.

Correlate logs with incidents

Bearer automatically correlates any issue to the API calls that provoked it. Avoid the hassle of digging into logs for hours to find the root of an incident.

Access complete logging data

Get all the information you need : access the path, the headers, the parameters and the payload of the request and the response of the responsible API calls.

> Learn how Bearer Log Collections help you debug

Collaborate better sharing data

Stop losing time communicating with teammates and providers. Share detailed logs in 1-click to solve issues faster.

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Simplify OAuth Integration

Build API integrations faster using Pizzly, the open source OAuth integration proxy.

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Idris Mokhtarzada
CTO at Truebill

"With Bearer, we've been able to quickly understand third-party API issues and efficiently communicate them to our API providers. Debugging has never been easier!"

Nicolas Grenié
Developer Advocate at Typeform

"Bearer helped us monitor and improve our integrations on many platforms including Aircall, or Airtable. We were able to detect anomalies before they hit our customers. With the log sharing I can both easily report issues to our engineering team but also collaborate with our integration partners when something goes wrong."

Sina Khelil
CTO at Onepark

"Monitoring and troubleshooting API partners is nearly a full-time job and requires a well-implemented solution. Which is why we selected Bearer: they are the best for monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting. Best choice we made last year, and it keeps getting better!"

Why Bearer vs. other monitoring solutions? 

Don’t lose days setting up HTTP instrumentation, organizing logs, and managing a dashboard. We do it for you.
Don’t compromise on monitoring abilities because of logging costs.
Quickly onboard your teammates. Bearer is easy to use for everyone.

Real-time API monitoring for your stack

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