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We are building the future of API monitoring solutions.


Since the beginning of the journey, our aim has been to build a multicultural team all around the globe. With 15 people in the team, we have Bears in France, US, UK, Thailand, Netherlands, and South Africa working closely together. Being remote is part of our DNA and at the core of our culture.
We're a fast-growing startup and iterate fast on what we build.


We value ownership and accountability. An identified problem is not someone else's problem. We care about the product, our clients, and our teammates. Nothing is too high to climb as we focus on collective outcomes.

We assume the best and aim for honest communication. As a remote-first company, we mostly communicate asynchronously and prefer written communication. However, we know that we sometimes miss non-verbal subtleties as a consequence. For that reason, we start with the assumption that everyone has the best intentions until proven otherwise, and we prefer clarity over ambiguity. Instead of artificial harmony, we're not afraid of asking for clarity and cleaning the air when needed.

We encourage a work-life blend. Results are more important than working hours. As a Bear, you can manage your time the way you want to achieve your goals while keeping a healthy balanced life with time for hobbies and family.

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Our Values


We have a mission to accomplish, and nothing will distract us from that goal.


We trust each other the same way we hope you will trust us: through honesty and transparency.


We give our team freedom so that they can give you their best.


With great freedom comes great responsibility, to each other and to you!

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