Monitoring every APIs for every projects.
For hobby developers
Up to 1M API calls /month
1 application
7 days data retention
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For early-stage startups
Up to 10M API calls /month
3 applications
5 Team members
15 days data retention
Basic support
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Starting at $499/mo
For companies with critical API usage
Custom number of API calls & applications
Team management & permission
Advanced monitoring features
90 days data retention
Priority support & SLAs
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All our plans include:

Performance metrics

Anomaly Detection

Log Collection


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Have a question?

What is an API call?

An API call represents an API request to an API made by one of your applications. It includes the request and response.

Does Bearer redirect my traffic?

No, we never redirect your traffic. Every API call is performed directly from your applications and servers.

What happens if I exceed the monthly limit of my plan?

If you reach the API call limit, Bearer will stop logging new API call data. Your application and APIs will always continue to work as before. You have the option to disable some APIs to stay below the limit of your plan.

What about performance and security?

The Bearer Agent is non-blocking with a sub-millisecond impact on your application.

Bearer doesn't collect any PII, passwords, or secrets as the security data is scrubbed before being sent to your dashboard. You can even add your own custom filters if needed (learn more).

Is there a number limit of APIs Bearer can manage?

No, you can use Bearer with as many APIs as you want!

Can I change my plan at a later time? Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, and yes.

Can I exclude some APIs?

Yes, you can exclude any API you don't want to be monitored right from the Dashboard.

How long does it take to install Bearer?

You can install Bearer in less than 5 minutes. Deploy the Bearer Agent in your app and you’re done.

What is an application?

An application represents one code repository deployed on one or multiple environments (test, staging, prod etc.).

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