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Observe and control your third-party API usage in 2 minutes

In-App Agent
Install the Bearer Agent with a single line of code to automatically monitor every API used in your codebase - no code changes.

Bearer works with both public and private APIs and runs asynchronously, for minimal impact on your app's performance.

Currently supporting NodeJS, Ruby & Python.
Logging & Error Tracking
Access complete logs for every API call to quickly find errors or performance issues and debug your app in a snap.

Filter and search logs directly to see request headers, payloads, or status codes.
Incident Management and Alerting
Set up rules to receive alerts in real-time by email, Slack or on a webhook. Trigger incidents on error rate, latency deviation, consumption spike, and more.

Disable features in your app immediately when an API is failing or you hit rate-limits!
Reliable and Secure
Bearer "listens" to API calls in your stack, then generates and processes data in a separate thread asynchronously. We never block API calls or redirect your traffic.

As we are storing API call logs, we know there is sensitive data that you want to keep private. By default, we scrub token and email patterns, but give you full control over configuration (Learn more).
Multiple Application
Dedicated dashboards for each of your applications to separate metrics, logs, etc.
Multiple Environments
Use Bearer on all your application's environments using different credentials for each.
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