Ensure customer
data privacy

Easily embed Privacy by Design into your software development lifecycle and ensure the privacy of your users' data.
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The tool to build privacy right into your products

Implement Privacy by Design in days, not months

Don’t spend months developing solutions to ensure privacy policies are correctly implemented.

Deploy Bearer in less than an hour, automatically detect and catalog engineering components that are processing data, and systematically trigger data privacy impact assessments (DPIA) like any other pull request.

Be the hero your privacy team needs

Effectively assist your privacy team by turning their privacy program into a technical reality.

Help them collect information from engineering and product teams, perform DPIAs, and manage their privacy program effectively.

Turn developers into privacy champions

Privacy does not have to slow down innovation and be a burden for developers.

Bearer is built to help them build privacy-first products fast by easily sharing information needed by privacy and security teams, right in their daily tools (GitHub, GitLab).

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Keep your data safe

You should never compromise on security and privacy with your vendors. Bearer can be deployed on-premises and processes metadata only.

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