Avoid privacy fines
& damaging headlines

Demonstrate compliance to privacy laws with Privacy by Design processes, KPIs and audit trails.
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The platform to pilot your Privacy by Design program

Save hours of manual work

Stop wasting dozens of hours chasing after engineering, product and security teams to collect information.

Bearer automatically detects data processing in your engineering organization and triggers privacy review workflows to always gather the data you need from your teams.

Empower your developers

Overwhelming your teams with legal questionnaires they don’t understand is not productive. Not for them, and not for you.

Rely on a developer-friendly UX to effectively collect information, and enable them to be the privacy champions you need.

Monitor your privacy program

Privacy teams need to understand where they are in their privacy journey.

Bearer’s privacy metrics help you understand your exposure to risks, prioritize your efforts and measure your progress.

Always be ready for an audit

Stop worrying about costly fines and damaging headlines if an audit happens.

Easily demonstrate compliance to GDPR with Privacy by Design processes, KPIs, audit trails, and the required documents (ROPA, DPIAs, DPAs, etc.).

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