Monitoring & Debugging

Complete monitoring of your API usage to optimize your application’s reliability
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Discover and control the APIs you rely on

Out of the box observability

Gain full observability into all the APIs you rely on without any code changes or complex configuration. Never be in the dark again.

Monitor your critical API usage

Quickly access the status of the critical APIs your business relies on. Which API do you use the most? Which are the most error-prone? Which have response time issues?

Manage your API dependencies

Have compliance questions about which APIs your organization relies on? Need to get notified when new providers get used? Stop asking around.

Find issues before your customers start noticing

Detect anomalies

Identify recurrent errors and unreliable APIs based on your real API calls - say goodbye to API provider’s status page subscriptions - when they exist 😅!

Monitor performance

Quickly monitor performance issues and bottlenecks in your API usage. Track the latency of every API call to understand which APIs are slowing down your app and degrading your customers' experience.

Receive alerts when it matters

Tired of finding out about errors and performance issues too late? Get notified on error rate, consumption spikes, or latency issues in real-time through email, slack, or webhook!

Better and faster debugging on API incidents

Correlate anomalies with API calls

Accelerate your workflow and reduce the time you spend fixing issues by having access to the proper data. Go beyond stack traces by looking at the root cause with complete logs, up to the payload, on every API call.

Reduce the noise or your alerts

Bearer's smart alerting system lets you see only what matters. Aren’t you tired of receiving hundreds of identical errors because an API is failing? Stop getting lost in noisy and low-value API error notifications from your error tracking system.

1-click log sharing with your team

Optimize your team's collaboration and productivity with log sharing. Are your customer support, ops, and dev teams wasting too much time communicating on API issues? Let them access and share the same level of data.

Build a successful relationship with your API partners

Collaborate with common data

Ensure good communication with your API partner. Stop disagreeing and start collaborating with log sharing when you identify an issue.

Monitor their real SLAs

Monitor your provider’s SLA. Ensure appropriate measures are taken to always provide best-in-class service quality to your customers.

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