Automated Remediation

Protect your application against API issues and make your application more resilient.
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Counter API downtime and latency issues

Retry against temporary failures

Reduce the number or errors and improve your performance and user experience using Bearer’s highly configurable, synchronous retry strategies. Because not every API call can be or should be retried in a worker.

Feature-flip on API availability

Don't let your users experience broken features. Your document storage API is down? Simply deactivate the feature in real-time using our API status notification webhooks!

Protect against latency issues

API latency issues can paralyze your entire application. Forgot to set up proper timeouts in your code? Need to learn from the data and tweak the settings? Wondering if it works properly? Bearer has you covered with highly configurable timeout settings and real-time insights into their effects.

Manage API rate-limits

Get alerted on rate limiting

Want to learn when you are being rate limited? Receive alerts against HTTP 429 Too Many Requests errors.

Retry API calls against rate limiting

Reduce rate limiting impacts by automatically retrying API calls after a few seconds without having to go down the worker route.

Block calls before being rate limited

Suffering from hidden rate limiting? Self limit your call rate by blocking API calls before you reach that fatal threshold. For example, automatically block requests when reaching 5000 calls per minute.

Manage costly APIs

Report on API spending

Understand your APIs spending. Any idea how much your APIs cost you? Start tracking all your paid APIs consumption in one place. Get a real-time view of each API spending with every expense logged.

Block costly spikes

Protect against exploding your budget. An error in your application or a user heavily using your product might cost a lot if it triggers numerous requests. Implement kill switch to automatically block API calls above certain limits.

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