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Put your data inventory on autopilot, mitigate security risks and comply with privacy laws at scale.
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Bearer helps organizations identify, assess and mitigate data security and privacy risk at scale.


Scan your codebase

Automatically catalog your services and data.


Enrich data inventory

Easily collect information from engineering teams.


Assess risks

Quickly identify and mitigate security risks.


Automate compliance

Generate documentation for your privacy team.

Code scanning

Build your data inventory automatically

Put your data inventory on autopilot and save hours of manual work.

Bearer integrates with GitHub and GitLab to continuously scan your code and automatically catalog engineering services and data flows over time, so that you always keep your inventory up-to-date.

DEVSECOPS workflows

Bring developers and data security together

Easily collect the information you need for risk assessments from your engineers, without slowing them down.

Track security controls, processing locations, retention periods and more with developer-friendly questionnaires embedded in their GitHub or GitLab workflows.


Easily assess and treat data security risks

Define your own data security and privacy policies: assign data sensitivity, expected security measures, processing location and more, to each data category. 

Automatically detect and prioritize gaps between your policies and reality. Fix risks proactively and ensure your data protection policies are well implemented.

Compliance documentation

Empower your privacy team with evergreen docs

Bearer gives your Data Protection Officer access to an accurate, up-to-date and complete Record of Processing Activities.

This lets them comply with privacy laws like GDPR article 30, and protect the organization by surfacing privacy gaps such as missing lawful basis, international data transfers, unauthorized data sharing, insufficient security measures, and more.


Deploy in minutes. Secure by Design.

Bearer's discovery engine acts as a broker with Github or Gitlab to continuously analyze your source code and build your data inventory.

Easy to deploy

Install a single Docker image on-premise. No code changes required.


Zero trust architecture

Without direct access to your code, Bearer only processes metadata.

Bearer helps organizations identify, assess and mitigate data security and privacy risk at scale.

StarsBearer astonaut

Say goodbye to manual and outdated data inventories

Learn how Bearer helps security and privacy teams protect their organization at scale.

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